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I have worked as the communications director for the videogame trade body TIGA and carried out PR work for games publishers System 3 and Codemasters

I also helped ITV Granada's news team with the roll out of social media

As well as a journalist, I am the curator of the Videogame Nation exhibition, which made its debut at Urbis in Manchester between May 14 and September 20, 2009. It began touring in 2011, where it appeared at Woodhorn Museum in the North East.


The exhibition celebrates the best of British videogaming. It brings together games spanning the last 40 years, from ‘Manic Miner’ (1983) to ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ (2008), taking players on a thrilling ride through the UK’s gaming generations and tracing the journey of computer programming from the hidden realm of the bedroom to what has become a multi-billion pound industry.


I also consulted on Space Invaders, an ambitious exhibition at FACT in Liverpool.

Exploring 2D and 3D worlds and looking at the space in which games occupy, the exhibition concentrated on gaming as an artform.

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